Our Story

Senior Living Travel is a website created by two friends that wanted to create solutions for both the senior living industry and for seniors across the world. Their story started on a basketball court in Marana, AZ. Tris and Tim were rivals on the court and weren’t fond of each other. While basketball raised tensions between them, over time they grew to become great friends. It helped that Tim was a police officer and Tris was a firefighter in the same city. They ran calls together and enjoyed serving the community in multiple ways. Soon Tim left the police department to run an assisted living community. Tris thought he was out of his mind! Shortly after—you guessed it—Tris was recruited by Tim, and he left the fire department to run skilled nursing facilities. Each of them fell in love with healthcare and their businesses. In December of 2017, after many years of running different communities across Arizona, California, and Wisconsin, they found themselves running communities on the same campus in Tucson, AZ. One evening Tim called Tris and said, “Hey, why isn’t there a website out there that allows seniors to book vacant rooms at senior living centers?” Tris replied, “That is genius! We have to do this!” They both knew this was a huge opportunity that was completely untapped. What started out as a thought, or even a joke, evolved into careers for both of these healthcare administrators.

Our Vision

We started this business to ultimately help seniors have more freedom. Too often, seniors feel trapped when they can’t get around like they used to. However, they are not trapped and should not feel this way! We envision this website helping seniors, while still so young and so able to get out, to see all the places they dreamed of. But we aren’t stopping there! We intend to expand our site to those who reside in Assisted Living as well. We want them and their loved ones to feel the freedom to travel. With our network of Senior Living Communities across the globe as well as our strategic partners, we want to see Seniors, 55 to 105, on the move, feeling free, able to live their lives the way they envision it, no matter their physical or mental state. Our vision is their vision.